September 5, 2014

Lessons from Happy City

Beth Sanders, a principle at POPULUS community planning inc., writes on her blog: 

10 big ideas sparked from reading Happy City by Charles Montgomery

happy-cityOver the course of the summer I have been rereading Charles Montgomery’s book,  Happy City: Transforming our Lives Through Urban Design, teasing out the city essentials for city life. Here are some big ideas that have surfaced for me in the posts…

Here’s what jumps out at me.
1. The city is a shared project that allows us to thrive together.
2. Our social habitats struggle when our physical habitat is dispersed.
3. The professionals who design our cities are only part of the picture.
4. Everyone, everywhere can actively work to build the city that will save the world.
5. People want to be close to each other and apart at the same time.
6. A city is not happy when the only way to move around is by car.
7. Happiness in the city is about fairness.
8. Multiple modes of transportation allows us to tap into the abundance of everything, everywhere.
9. Change the code, change the city.
10. Citizens can change the city by thinking about it differently.

She describes each in more detail at Let the happy city grow you.

I summarized each chapter of the book here.

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