August 12, 2014

Puzzle Pics: Surprising scenes of daily life

It’s a birthday party at Second Beach.  The balloon says ‘4,’ the colour is pink, so I’m assuming the child on the blanket will soon be joined by her friends for the celebration.

But look closer.  What’s unusual?



The only drinks in sight are rows of bottled water.

Now how likely would that have been a few years ago?  About as unlikely as this:



Two rows of passengers waiting for a ferry at Granville Island, one walking, one cycling, about equal in number, equal in gender, varying ages but dressed the same, and, I’m guessing, each with a bottle of water.

Something has snuck up on us.

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    1. Agreed. Back in the “day” there would have been a big Thermos brand jug full of Kool-Aid – which could just as easily be filled with tap water.

  1. I enjoy this blog, especially your thoughts on the referendum and other big picture issues. But, your assertion that ‘things are changing’ is apparently almost entirely based on what you see on the waterfront in Vancouver be in SEFC, the sea wall, Olympic village, Kits, etc… There are a lot of unique factors in play in those areas that don’t hold true for the rest of the City.

    Perhaps you should look at other areas of the City (region) as well–see what’s happening (or not) to further your point about a bigger picture change.

  2. Note that the line of bikes may reflect that some of the ferries do not take bikes – so they have to wait for the larger “barge-style” ferry – creating a longer line.