August 12, 2014

Gummed Up: A Sculptural Selfie

When we last visited the bust of Douglas Coupland in May, it was being installed on the grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery:


coupland (1)

A ‘gum-based, crowd sourced, publicly interactive, self-portrait’


Yup, that seems right.  Here it is today:


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  1. The gummed head looks great, but the grass looks a mess, like so much of the surrounding grounds. I hope I’m not the only one ashamed of how our downtown looks.

  2. Let me clarify…I refer to the downtown ground maintenance, not buildings. If you are not sure what I mean, take a look at the VAG courtyard…then walk up Georgia Street and look at the planters, the weeds growing through sidewalks…then wander over the the Burrard Skytrain Station and see how it is being maintained. I’m willing to bet there’s excessive gum, cigarette butts, and paper strewn about.

    Then get a WestJet flight and go to Chicago. And compare Vancouver with their downtown. Yes, they are a world class city, but that’s no excuse for such disparity.

  3. Michael, I have been appalled at the city’s maintenance of the downtown area as well.
    I am down a lot in the evenings for concerts and I am just speechless at the lack of maintenance with refuse and gum and unkempt plantings.
    Isn’t it curious that Douglas’ remarkable bust is having this impact-we are baptising his likeness with gum, and at the same time commenting on the other areas which should be gumless-Vancouver’s downtown feels gritty these days, best viewed at speed on a bike or in a car. Walkability is about the small tiny fixes on a street, and cleanliness is paramount.