May 12, 2014

Crime scene: More beautiful theories mugged by brutal facts

From today’s NRU:

The value of building permits in Vancouver has jumped dramatically in the first quarter of 2014, with office, retail and other business uses leading the way.

The city’s most recent figures — to the end of March — show a total value of permits for the year to date of $651 million, compared to $399 million for the same period last year. …

… residential uses do not lead the pack. That honour goes to the business and personal services category, whose value has more than quadrupled — more than $156 million year-to-date compared to almost $35 million for the same period last year …

Two questions:

When was the last time that value of ‘business’ permits exceeded residential?

Will those who claim (a) the city is turning into a resort without jobs, (b) driving jobs to the suburbs with crazy interventions like bike lanes, (c) sacrificing the real economy in the name of a green agenda, please explain what’s going on?

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  1. Rather points to a credibility problem in certain quarters, doesn’t it?

    But then, when did credibility ever get in the way of good partisan propaganda?

  2. All it shows is that stats are variable. We’re in a big commercial office boom right now.
    When that dies down, the trend will reverse, and then it will shift back again once the office space gets filled.

    What’s the obsession with a “staus quo”? Why are people shocked when things change?

  3. I would expect that you could give us some insight as to why so few office projects were advanced during your time on the NPA council? Wouldn’t it have more to do with the macro economic climate, and the cost of credit to build?

    Stats have shown job creation in the suburbs has outpaced that in the CoV for many years.