May 5, 2014

Greenest Street in the World Competition – 8

From Brad Cavanagh:

This is a koa forest on the slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii (map here). It’s located on Mauna Loa Road, which is only the greenest street in the world for a short distance. Most of Mauna Loa Road is through scrub brush, lava flows, and otherwise inhospitable terrain. While driving up the slopes, suddenly you come across this green forest. Everything is peaceful and quiet and, after so much brown, everything is green.


Green Street 4


This green street has a link to climate change — Mauna Loa is the home to the Mauna Loa Observatory, which was the first to show an increase in carbon dioxide levels year after year.

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  1. More CO2 = more plant growth ?

    A slightly warmer planet = more plant growth ?

    Global warming has negative and positive aspects.

    Has there been a scientific analysis of the benefits ?

    1. You’re on to something here, Thomas. I bet it never occurred to all those Nobelists and other scientists around the world that plants use CO2. You should publish a book.

  2. You need to tighten up the rules here Gord: streets and roads are different! And a green road is a piece of cake. Take the drive to Tofino across Vancouver Island for example; or any tree-lined French rural road. Roads are by definition rural or natural and so easily surrounded by greenness.

    Green streets require the much bolder political commitment to urban tree maintenance; and offer all benefits from shade, to shelter, to property value increases.

    1. Agree. The Sao Paulo street was incredible for the juxtaposition between the jungle-like density of its street tree cover against the concrete jungle density of the city.