March 19, 2014

Branding Burnaby: Marketing Identity and Real Estate

Where’s SoLo?  It’s coming here:




I’m pretty sure SoLo means South of Lougheed – in fact, kittycorner from the Brentwood Mall on the south side of the Millennium Line station.

Will that have any stickiness, or just end up as a relic of marketing brochures?


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  1. My hunch is that the name SoLo will quickly fade as soon as the last condo is sold and the marketing banners are put away. As a Burnaby resident I can’t see myself ever using the name. Real estate marketing does not equal to actual community. It will undoubtedly be clumped into “Brentwood” as soon as the sales centre closes.

  2. I really don’t understand these So?? and No?? names. Why do we have to always emulate other cities in these sorts of things? In an era of placeless big box developments that could be anywhere in the world, can’t we at least keep our names unique? I still haven’t heard any Ea?? or We?? names either, maybe that could be an original spin-off.

  3. “SolLo” is so sad. Can’t see it sticking unless the residents have self-effacing or masochistic tendencies. Whoever dreamt up “SoLo” should be so sorry.

  4. I guess Maple Ridge could brand itself as “Eepum”, or “East of Pitt Meadows.” Anyway, I would be interested in seeing more commentary about Burnaby on this site. To me, Burnaby is a fascinating study in lost opportunities; the city could conceivably have challenged Vancouver in terms of urban innovation, but it has made other choices.

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