How Portland advertises itself for tourists:


Notice anything missing?

There are three bicycles, a trike, a bus, an Amtrak engine, a streetcar, a light rail car, an airplane, a skateboard and a unicycle, but no automobiles.

And here’s a correlation:


Aggregate revenue at Multnomah County’s hotels and motels is up 26 percent since 2001, after adjusting for inflation. Real car rental revenue, meanwhile, has fallen 13 percent.

More here in bikeportland.

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  1. After hearing so much about Portland, my partner and I have been planning a jaunt down there with a primary tourist goal of riding bikes all over the place and sampling their restaurants and breweries.

    Was planning on driving down and bringing our bikes, but this just reminded me one can take a train down there, which might be a cool part of the trip in itself. Might do that and then just get some rental bikes for a couple days…

    There is money to be made in cycling friendly tourism!

    1. I believe you can also takes bikes on Amtrak, though probably for a fee. We did the same trip though, took the bus and just got bikes from our place on airbnb, which cost just $10 extra. Not bad really, and the trip was well worth it.

    2. You can take your own bike on the train – cost $5. Might be a good idea to book ahead if you’re going on a busy weekend as there are limited bike rack spaces on the train.

      Oh yes, and if this is your first trip on the Cascades, as for a seat on the ocean side (the right). The views going through Washington state are incredible.

  2. It sure was weird reading this article on the Amtrak Cascades as our family was heading to Portland for a 5-day car-less vacation. Weird, but true. Not sure we would have done this trip without the train.