March 11, 2014

Video: Vancouver by Drone

From Vancitybuzz:

A local film company is demonstrating the versatility and uniqueness of using an unmanned air vehicle (drone) to capture stunning footage both indoors and outdoors.

Without the need of an expensive helicopter flight, a GoPro camera was attached to the drones to record high-aerial shots – as well as low-aerial and indoor shots a helicopter would be unable to make.



Not so much a visual essay as a clip reel suitable for other purposes, notably real estate.  There’s a preponderance of shots taken along the West Van waterfront – lots of spectacular views and spectacular houses.  Most intriguing are the shots best taken by drones – above a crane, below a helicopter – especially those in tightly framed environments, like a snow-bound forest.

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  1. UAV’s are rising due to a convergence of several technology changes. Much lighter and more powerful batteries and electric motors, smaller, better and lighter sensors (principally cameras), cheap and ubiquitous telecoms — all married to fairly ordinary structure and propellers. What is missing is the regulatory environment, which is at very early stages, and quite onerous — especially if you intend to operate the UAV out of line of sight.

    The trade association USC (Unmanned Systems Canada) speaks for air, land and sea types of unmanned vehicle.

    Expect to see a lot more about there things.