March 5, 2014

Vancouver Diary: The Well-dressed Dog

The New York Times has “Metropolitan Diary”.  I have Dianna:

This is posted all over Yaletown.






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  1. Is she being ticketed for visual pollution?
    Will she clean up / remove the posters or will that be up to the unionized City workers?

      1. Dianna didn’t post the ad. She only took a photo of it, which she sent to Price Tags. Try asking for information before you jump to conclusions.

    1. How dare this CRIMINAL post something ON AN UNAUTHORIZED UTILITY POLE. I want names, I want answers. The VPD must get to the bottom of this hate crime. What you see, above, is a blatant disregard for the backbreaking labor required to remove these slips of paper. Especially in a marginalized neighborhood such as Yaletown. Did you not think of the visual pollution these poor locals must face when they go to their morning hot yoga session? DID YOU NOT THINK OF THE PUGS FEELINGS. Answers. Justice. Thank you for your time.

  2. Note: It is illegal to place posters on utility poles that have no poster cylinder, or on any other area of City property. Posters placed illegally will be removed and discarded weekly and violators may be prosecuted.

    Poster cylinders provide an aesthetically-pleasing arrangement of posters in visible locations, and reduce the burden on taxpayers when posters need to be removed from City property.

  3. Similar to advertising a garage sale using the same method of posting on utility poles, presumably a one-off ad blitz in a local area, with the person who posted removing the posters in short order (a couple of days), is no different and does not result in prosecution. However, this method of advertising as an on-going free source of distribution and eyesore would and should be prosecuted under the City’s regulations. Otherwise, everyone could opt for this method and pollute the City in short order.