A friend asked for the following:

From 1990 to 2010 , what was the increase in the square footage of office space, in the number of units of residential and some quantitative measure of vehicle miles travelled or auto congestion.

And I got some numbers from various sources for the Downtown Peninsula, which I thought I’d share:

In 1990 Colliers International said there were 19,511,000 sq ft of office space Downtown; in 2010 that was 24,465,697.
Total jobs Downtown have gone from around 130,000 to about 170,000, as floorspace per worker has fallen, and we added some additional hotels and restaurants as well.
In 1991 there were 31,880 occupied dwellings in the Downtown (26,240 in the West End). By 2006 that had risen to 53,979 (28,948 in the West End)
There are about 10,000 more added since then to 2010, 600 of them in the West End.

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