Past Vancouver City Council candidates — and Price Talks pundits — Adrian Crook and Rob McDowell return to the podcast to give their latest letter grades to our local leaders.

And much ground is covered in the process, including Rental 100, the Broadway-UBC subway, and the back-story to the cold shoulder given to Vancouver Rape Relief’s grant request. Plus, teapot tempests such as councillor budgets, and the big mistake Kennedy made early in his mayoral tenure.

The team also ruminates on two of our North Shore governments, and their tin ears for the true needs of their communities. What to do? A few good ideas are tossed around, and one “truly awful, awful” one. (Tell us how you really feel, Gord.)

But back to Vancouver. Our esteemed duo answers the most pressing questions about our trail mix of a local government. Why should the parties caucus? Who helped the newbie councillors walk back problematic votes? Who’s filling the role of hood ornament? And how corrupt are we, really?

Return of The Independents

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