November 19, 2018

Gordon Price & the Independents – Sarah Blyth, Adrian Crook, Wade Grant, Rob McDowell

Gord reviews the recent municipal campaign with four unsuccessful candidates for Vancouver City Council who ran as independents, together. Sort of.

Harm reduction and Downtown Eastside activist Sarah Blyth, affordable housing and transit advocate Adrian Crook, Musqueam First Nation community leader Wade Grant, and health sector mediator Rob McDowell chat about what happened, what they’re watching with the current council, issues of representation in our public institutions, and whether they’ll run again.

And if so, would they run again as independents…or perhaps a new party?

Viewpoint Vancouver Podcast
Viewpoint Vancouver Podcast
Gordon Price & the Independents - Sarah Blyth, Adrian Crook, Wade Grant, Rob McDowell

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  1. There may be a lot of potential for One City to open its doors to some of these independents, and to Shauna Sylvester as council candidates. The Greens seem to be natural siblings to One City and its sole councillor, Christine Boyle. Slate voting is a reality, as the independents discovered in October, so why not gather like-minded centre-left people into one or two closely-juztaposed houses ….. um, like duplexes? The package would be neatly tied together with both One City and the Greens running five candidates each while supporting Kennedy Stewart for a second term.

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