Price Tags Vol. 1: 2003-13

Price Tags 111 – Las Vegas —  The City of Entertainment, Las Vegas, is running into a little problem: too many pedestrians.  See how the city where Motordom prevails is coping – and how it could change.

Price Tags 110 – Shanghai — Is Shanghai the City of the 21st Century? Price Tags takes a look at its urban design and development at this high point in its history.

Price Tags 109 – Australian Style — There’s a comfortable modernism to Australian design: it looks considered, balanced and a little quirky.

Price Tags 108 – Cycling NYC — There’s a new colour in the New York palette: Bikeway Green.

Price Tags 107 – Times Square — Everyone has a Times Square in their head. A place that lives up to exaggerated expectations. That wows and overwhelms, even when you’re just out for a walk.

Price Tags 106 – Vaughan — The colossal issue: exploring the landscape in the 905 Belt by way of Vaughan, Ontario.

Price Tags 105 – Erie — Observations on a bike along the Erie Canal

Tag Along 105 – Architecture in Upstate New York — Builders, designers and architects in the 19th-and early 20th-century, it would seem, didn’t know how to do “ugly.”

Tag Along 105 – Ruins — The industrial ruins of Upstate New York, both in size and extent, continues to astonish –particularly in Buffalo.

Tag Along 105 – Rochester — The history of Rochester and the building of the Erie Canal.

Price Tags 104 – False Creek North — How False Creek North is meeting the needs of its residents.

Price Tags 103 – Paris Plantée — A look at the parks of Paris.

Price Tags 102 – Périphérique — Finished in 1973, this 35-kilometre expressway girds Paris in the same way that the Beltway rings Washington. Inside: the 20 arrondissements. Outside: the banlieu–the suburbs.

Price Tags 101 – Paris Vélib’ — Paris now has one of the world’s largest bike-sharing systems: Vélib’ – or Vélo Liberté. Freedom Bike.

Price Tags 100- The Index — Price Tags’ 100th issue illustrates the evolution of the newsletter and provides an index of all the topics in all the issues!

Price Tags 99 – Cyclists — The Netherlands came to Portland & Vancouver to learn about cycling

Price Tags 98 – Abu Dhabi — Larry Beasley, Vancouver’s past co-Director of Planning, assembled a remarkable team of planners to advise the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Price Tags 97- Washington on Rail II — A look at rail’s impact on Washington, DC’s neighborhoods or ‘Metrohoods.’ Part II.

Price Tags 96 – BC Towns — There are two kinds of towns in British Columbia’s heartland: Stripped or constrained.

Price Tags 95 – Washington on Rail — A look at rail’s impact on Washington, DC’s neighborhoods or ‘Metrohoods.’ Part I.

Price Tags 94 – Tampa’s Car-centered Design — The strip, the grid, and lots and lots of parking lots. Tampa Bay is everywhere accessible by car, and only cars.

Price Tags 93 – Three Parts of Melbourne — How Melbourne has become an even better city than it was. And why Brisbane, in one way at least, is even better than Melbourne.

Price Tags 92- A Walk around the West End — What’s new in Gordon Price’s neighborhood. A walk around the West End’s new buildings during cherry blossom season.

Price Tags 91- Australia’s Gold Coast — Queensland’s Gold Coast has a new regional plan with lessons for places like Greater Vancouver.

Price Tags 90 – Mutual Admirers — A comparison of Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, BC – the poster children of good urbanism in their respective countries – and how they influence each other.

Price Tags 89 – West Los Angeles — Los Angeles is shrinking. Or at least the compact cities that make up West LA. And Chicago’s Millennium Park is as good as I expected.

Price Tags 88 – Intersections — Price Tags looks at two downtown intersections in emerging neighbourhoods of Vancouver – Downtown South and Triangle West – and looks for the common elements that transform a street corner into a crossroads.

Price Tags 87 – Montreal Public Spaces — What’s it take to make great urban spaces? Montreal’s got a few. And why hasn’t Vancouver done as well?

Price Tags 86 – Sculpture Biennale — A special all-photograph issue celebrating the Fourth Vancouver Sculpture Biennale.

Price Tags 85 – Okanagan Valley — Inside and outside the winery at Mission Hills.

Price Tags 84 – Art & Engineering — Is cultural sustainability achieved by funding the arts, building performance spaces into complete communities, acknowledging multicultural realities? Price Tags looks at Seattle’s Vine Street Project.

Price Tags 83 – Larry Beasley — Larry Beasley, Vancouver’s outgoing Director of Current Planning, talks to the Urban Development Institute about recent trends and upcoming opportunites in the city.

Price Tags 82 – Denver — Denver is a town that aspires to greatness–but this surprising remnant of the City Beautiful era comes with a warning for urbanists.

Price Tags 81 – San Francisco — Once upon a time San Francisco was going to build a grid of freeways that would have transformed the City. Here’s what happened.

Price Tags 80 – Edges — How we love the urban edge, especially where it meets the water.

Price Tags 79 – Vision — A vision for the future of the Twin Cities to become more natural, more urban, and more connected.

Price Tags 78 – White Rock, BC — The White Rock Town Centre proposal may be the most contentious development issue in the Lower Mainland.

Price Tags 77- Public art tour — A tour of the public art that lines the shores of False Creek and Coal Harbour.

Price Tags 76 – Eugenia Place — More from a series on pre-eminent architects; Vancouver in Austin, and more.

Price Tags 75 – The Delta loop, BC — Should Seattle become Vancouver? That was the topic last week, when two of Vancouver’s pre-eminent planners appeared before Seattle City Council.

Price Tags 74 – The Sylvia extension, Vancouver’s West End — What’s the healthiest city by design in North America? Plus, strange sights on Cambie Street, and the Sylvia Street Extension.

Price Tags 73 – Origins 2, The Walter Hardwick issue — The father of False Creek.

Price Tags 72 – Commercial Drive — Commercial Drive, home to funky shops, left-wing politics, and a toddler boom.

Price Tags 71 – Richard Henriquez and the redemption of the residential highrise — The West End’s distinctive buildings; waterfront megaprojects in other cities around the world; and an essay for visionary mayors.

Price Tags 70 – Salmon Arm, BC — Salmon Arm, an interior town that’s busy transforming itself; and Sydney, Australia.

Price Tags 69 – Reinventing the streetcar village — A lot of the decision-makers at Vancouver’s City Hall actually live downtown.

Price Tags 68 – The freeway issue — Why is the Provincial Government going to spend $3 to $5 billion on a strategy which it acknowledges will not work?

Price Tags 67 – The lanes issue — A close look at the special role that the lanes of Vancouver play in the city’s urban design.

Price Tags 66 – Celebrate the City Loop — Attractions big and small that dot the route around Vancouver’s core.

Price Tags 65 – Aerie — What’s happening on Burnaby Mountain; making a case for car-sharing.

Price Tags 64 – What is Vancouverism? — Vancouverism is only partly about buildings. It’s also about the spaces between them and the connections that unite them. Moscow unrealized; Stanley Theatre; Vanishing British Columbia.

Price Tags 63 – Villages — The evolution of the streetcar village into the contemporary lifestyle centre.

Price Tags 62 – From Miami’s Lincoln Road to Vancouver — Find out why Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach is as good as any pedestrian space, retail corridor and restaurant row you’d find in Australia.

Price Tags 61 – An inside look at Salt Lake City — You won’t be in Salt Lake City for very long before someone will explain why the streets are so wide.

Price Tags 60 – Perth 4 — Check out a century’s worth of urban evolution by looking at the development of neighborhoods in Vancouver and Perth where trams and trolleys once ran.

Price Tags 59 – Perth 3 — Perth has a growth rate greater than Vancouver’s. Lean about Perth’s adopted strategy of the ‘corridor’ city.

Price Tags 58 – Reader responses — A Portlander’s view on the Granville Mall. Waterfront Station; Transit Diversity and Vancouver’s Hub.

Price Tags 57 – Circular Key — Price Tags’ entry to the Vancouver City Planning Commission’s 21 Places competition – Vancouver’s transit hub.

Price Tags 56 – Melbourne trams — What city besides San Francisco has a transit vehicle as its symbol? Response to Australian malls from the South Australian Government’s spatial planning agency.

Price Tags 55 – Australia’s pedestrian malls — Every Australian city, large and small, has its outdoor mall. And they mostly seem to work. Here’s their formula – and some good examples.

Price Tags 54 – Perth 2 — Perth’s Subiaco development is one of the better urban-renewal transit-oriented developments in the world.

Price Tags 53 – Perth 1 — Perth reinvented its waterfront, transformed decaying industrial lands, and built a new kind of urban environment in a city still in love with suburbia.

Price Tags 52 – Australian style; Granville Island — Get acquainted with some of the elements that go into the distinctive modernist look that Australians have so skillfully refined.

Price Tags 51 – More on Elsie Roy Elementary — Elsie Roy is a school of 280, with a library that looks onto the waters of False Creek, a community centre across the street, a playground and field next door, and a seawall right out front.

Price Tags 50 – Origins of modern Vancouver — This issue begins a series on how contemporary Vanouver came to be, highlighting the issues that led to change, the people who generated and reacted to that change, and how that change is affecting the world.

Price Tags 49 – Lower Lonsdale — Situated on the south facing slopes of North Vancouver on the shores of Burrard Inlent, it’s a neighbourhood in transition.

Price Tags 48 – How Vancouver inspired San Diego — In Price Tags 18, we excerpted a story from the SF Weekly by writer Matt Smith about recent development in Vancouver. When he wrote last May about the same subject in San Diego, he made some connections.

Price Tags 47 – New developments on the urban scene — A visit to Vancouver’s newest school, Elsie Roy Elementary.

Price Tags 46 – Ride out to the urban fringe — People love this landscape, even more than the wild lands beyond-at least according to Jim Campbell, a SaturnaIsland sheep farmer and early chair of the Agricultural Land Commission.

Price Tags 45 – Vancouver’s first home for human-powered transportation — The Vancouver Seawall has had such an impact on our physical and mental health, that the construction of the Seawall may be the best money this City has ever spent on anything.

Price Tags 44 – New street design for Granville — With fewer vehicles on the road as people opt for transit, what does this mean for Vancouver’s Granville Street?

Price Tags 43 – A guest contributor looks at the No 5 road — Sleepy, orderly Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, transforms to an absolute blitz of shopping, restaurants, fast cars, and even faster money.

Price Tags 42 – The Seymour River Valley is a road to heaven — It may be the best blading and biking trail in North America: 10km of smooth, flawless, unbroken asphalt set in a forest: The Seymour Trailway.

Price Tags 41 – From Port Mann to Grouse Mountain — The most important thing that never happened to the City of Vancouver was the construction of the freeways, bridges and tunnels proposed in the 1960s.

Price Tags 40 – The Pride Parade, Part II — Why the Pride Parade is loved so much by so many.

Price Tags 39 – The Fireworks and the Pride Parade, Part I
Two of the biggest events on the city’s calendar -the Fireworks and the Pride Parade, witness half a million people moving in and out of the West End, largely by transit and on foot.

Price Tags 38 – Illuminares Lantern Festival — Vancouver’s unique celebration of fire and light attracts 25,000 people.

Price Tags 37 – More on West Vancouver — Discover the Alternative Futures web site, the latest initiative on the part of the Vancouver City Planning Commission.

Price Tags 36 – West Vancouver — A special issue on the transformation of a neighborhood, West Vancouver.

Price Tags 35 – Two Seattle projects — Two Seattle projects, next stops, Texas and London.

Price Tags 34 – Summer in the city — Summer brings the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival, a way to build on the multi-cultural reality of a changing Vancouver.

Price Tags 33 – Progress — Some good news on the cycling, housing and heritage fronts.

Price Tags 32 – Bike-and-house tour — The Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s tour of historic homes; the Johnny Appleseed of livability comes to Vancouver.

Price Tags 31 – Totem poles, condo towers, and (pancake) flipping politicians — Observations around Victoria, from totem poles to new residential buildings.

Price Tags 30 – Koolhaas in Seattle, NY Times in Vancouver — Initial impressions and photos of Seattle’s newest library.

Price Tags 29 – Car ads and gas prices; Seattle’s “bling – bling” library — During the last 12 years, Canadians consumed energy for their cars, trucks and other forms of transportation twice as fast as the country’s industries.

Price Tags 28 – Khenko, the great blue heron — Doug Taylor’s new kinetic sculpture at David Lam Park; this summer you can watch a cob house being constructed at Stanley Park.

Price Tags 27 – Far east growth and the evils of sprawl — Comparison of urban growth and economic status between China and North America.

Price Tags 26 – Larry Beasley speaks on planning — See what Larry Beasley, Vancouver’s Director of Planning, had to say at the Urban Development Institute’s Monthly Luncheon.

Price Tags 25 – Vancouver first impressions — Say hello to the students at Portland State University’s Planning Club who spent Easter Weekend touring Downtown Vancouver.

Price Tags 24 – Opening credits — Recognition needed for the reconstructed Lions Gate Bridge.

Price Tags 23 – Harbour Green — These eight and a half acres are destined to become the front yard of Downtown Vancouver.

Price Tags 22 – Coal Harbour — Schools and comunity centers are tucked into the waterfront.

Price Tags 21 – Lowden on the Edge — The conversion of old industrial lands on False Creek and Coal Harbour into 24 hectares of new park land and 25 kilometers of continuous seawall.

Price Tags 20 – Reaction time — New address and selected mail from readers.

Price Tags 19 – Streets and roads — Phoenix is the fastest growing city in the US, and it loves freeways.

Price Tags 18 – The city evolves — Is Vancouver doomed to be “a resort that looks like a city” rather than a real city that feels like a resort?

Price Tags 17 – How they sold the revolution — Selling density to the mainstream traffic of contemporary living.

Price Tags 16 – Vancouver as it might have been — The Daon Building, one of Vancouver’s best examples of “neighbourliness” and urban development.

Price Tags 15 – So what do I really think about Vancouver? — Hear what Gordon Price, former Vancouver City Councilor, has to say about Vancouver from other cities.

Price Tags 14 – Granville Street — Renovating Granville Street

Price Tags 13 – New Urban News — Philip Langdon of New Urban News visits Vancouver.

Price Tags 12 – Vancouver & Seattle — Vancouver’s effect on Seattle

Price Tags 11 – San Francisco — San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association checks out Vancouver.

Price Tags 10 – Vancouver’s Potential — Vancouver as it might have been.

Price Tags 9 – The Peeties — Acknowledging urban additions to Vancouver that make it a better place to live.

Price Tags 8 – False Creek — False Creek as it might have been.

Price Tags 7a – How Green Are We? — A survey of Vancouver’s parks provisions.

Price Tags 7 – Vancouver Architecture — Vancouver’s buildings may be coming to a city near you.

Price Tags 6 – Images and Reality — Images versus reality, reality versus images.

Price Tags 5 – Toronto — Toronto takes some lessons in planning from Vancouver.

Price Tags 4 — Grading a road; Happy Birthday to a Seawall.

Price Tags 3 – Review of Vancouver — A transportation consultant gives his review of the city of Vancouver.

Price Tags 2 – Vancouver Panoramas — Comparative pictures of Vancouver through the years.

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