July 21, 2022

New Seasonal Bike Bus Going to Bridgeport Station/Tsawwassen Ferry

For cyclists that want to go farther afield, there’s a new summer bus service for bikes that are going ot the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. It’s the “900 Bike Bus to Bridgeport Station or to Tsawwassen Ferry, depending on the direction of travel.

This bus has seven interior bike racks as well as the two located at the front of the bus, and follows TransLink’s 620 route. You can load and unload at separate bays located at Bridgeport Station and the Ladner Exchange.

The service is part of TransLink’s Customer Experience Action Plan to make it easier to integrate active transportation into bus use. If it is a success it could be a permanent part of seasonal cycling access to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal.

This YouTube video shows how to use the bike racks located within the 900 Bike Bus. 



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  1. Is BC govt MOTI cost sharing? MOTI provide van service for bikes thru the Massey Tunnel.
    Once again local taxpayers are paying for BC govt.

    1. Post

      Expect this is more for people doing day trips into the Gulf Islands, but solid point Scot! Thank you.

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