June 24, 2022

Coffee In, Coffee Out – A New Kind of WC

Our favourite Toronto urbanist, Brandon Donnelly, loves these – the Lisbon cafe kiosk:

Lisbon’s cafe kiosks are so wonderful. They anchor public life, place-make, and help to brand the city. 

If he were running for mayor, he’d “run an international design competition and ask participants to come up with a modern and uniquely Toronto “kiosk” concept.”

And here’s the thing: he’d include a WC – a toilet – in the concept.  In other words, the kiosks could serve our insatiable need for coffee plus our inevitable need to deal with the results.  There could be, as in some countries in Europe, a small charge to handle cleaning and supervision – perhaps included in the price of the coffee.  Definitely a bargain.

We have people running for mayor here too.  You’re welcome.



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