May 22, 2022

Gord Price’s European Tour

Another trip – this time to northern European cities, with a special study tour of Copenhagen.  (I was there in 2015, experiencing hygge, blanket and all.)

If you want to follow along on this trip and share comments on my comments, I will be on Instagram at gordonpriceyvr.  There’s a link on this page.

I’ll also be travelling with Friend of Viewpoint, Michael Alexander – and I’ll share his insights as well.


Here’s the itinerary:

A stopover in London on May 24.

A first-time visit to Stockholm from May 24 to May 26.

(I’m particularly interested in communities like Vallingby and the origins of post-war regional town centres.)


A hop over to Gothenburg, where Michael is interested in their experience with geofencing – May 27.

A train ride down to the Swedish city of Malmö for May 28.

Then over to Copenhagen for the week of 29 to June 3.  (With a chance to check out it’s new Metro.)


And then a final treat – Paris – from June 4 to 10, to see how that city has been transformed for micromobility under Mayor Anne Hidalgo.  Plus some lesser attractions. like museums and a certain tower.


Join me on IG at gordonpriceyvr.



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  1. Gordon I spent a week in Copenhagen in September – and had great weather and finished my visit with a bike ride to the Baltic where I went swimming. I got a Covid test for my return flight at a testing center a block from my hotel: I took 4 minutes total and it was free. That is what a functioning democracy look like.