May 11, 2022

Free Webinar: How Spaces Become Places with Author & Planner John Forester


John F. Forester is a professor in the City and Regional Planning Department at Cornell University. He has studied the challenges of urban planning by assessing practice-focused oral histories of planners and public dispute mediators. Forester’s work on power, political conversation, dealing with differences, and practical improvisation has appeared in Planning in the Face of PowerDeliberative Practitioner: Making Participatory Planning WorkDealing with Differences, Planning in the Face of Conflict, and Making Equity Planning Work (with the late Norman Krumholz).

Date:  Wednesday May 25, 2022.

Time: 8:00 a.m Pacific Time

You can register for this webinar by clicking this link.

The Author will be discussing his book “How Spaces Become Places – Place Makers Tell Their Stories” together with Tommaso Vitale as a discussant.  This free webinar is being sponsored by the Univesitat of Wein (which is also known as Vienna, Austria).

These are stories of community members acting together to transform empty, contested, or unsafe spaces into functional, safe, convivial places. A diverse set of place makers, from activists to architects, mediators to planners, spanning four countries and ten US locales tell their stories in their own words. The complex and challenging cases range from building affordable housing to community building in the aftermath of racial violence. After grappling with issues like immigration, climate change, and coalition-building, place makers recount how they worked alongside once-suspicious community residents to enhance and enrich the places in which they live.

This will be an online event using the zoom platform. After each presentation, there will also be time for a Q&A and discussion.

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