March 25, 2022

Free Webinar: Leading the Way to Transportation Equity

Researchers from across University of Toronto bring home the many ways mobility affects our lives in The Way Forward, a panel discussion series. Join the conversation!

Please note the time posted is Eastern Time-this talk is being offered from 1:00 pm. to 2:00 pm Pacific time.

An introductory overview will be followed by short presentations, a moderated panel discussion, and audience Q & A. This event will be recorded and shared.

Join Prof. Heather Dorries (Geography & Planning, UTSG), Prof. Steven Farber (Human Geography, UTSC) and Prof. Angelina Grigoryeva (Sociology, UTSG) in a discussion moderated by Prof. Michael J. Widener (Geography & Planning, UTSG), on how we can work towards and achieve transportation equity.

Date: March 29, 2022

Time: 1:00 to 2:00 pm. Pacific Time

You can register by clicking this link.

About Mobility Network at the School of Cities
Transportation and mobility touch virtually all aspects of our lives. The Mobility Network is a multidisciplinary, collaborative, and diverse network of mobility researchers that connects the University of Toronto’s exceptional strengths in data sciences, engineering and social sciences to address the technological, social, environmental and health disruptions facing society globally. Through interdisciplinary basic and applied research, Mobility Network will identify pathways to more equitable and efficient urban mobility, provide the evidence and decision-support needed for effective and lasting societal change, and have profound implications for individual well-being, resilient, sustainable and just urban growth and prosperity, and, ultimately, our planet’s future.



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