March 16, 2022

Free Webinar: Building A Circular Food Future

Did you know that we waste or lose one third of the food we produce globally?

Join Dr. Samara Soma from Simon Fraser University and others in the “field” discussing what the circular food economy is, and why it is a positive impact for the environment.

Date:  Tuesday March 29, 2022

Time: 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time

You can register by clicking this link.

Food gets damaged through long transport, and processing equipment malfunctions, over-ordering by corporations, overbuying by consumers and confusing public health policies lead to good food getting tossed out. Increasingly, extreme weather is also destroying crops.

That’s why we need to shift to a circular food economy, where waste is drastically decreased and unused food goes to those who are hungry in our communities. To get there, we’ll need tech developers, policymakers, major corporations, educational institutions, investors, and city planners to come together to rethink the future of food.

Join CityAge, in collaboration with Bioenterprise and EMILI, as we continue the conversation about Food’s Future and the need for production, processing and supply chain innovations to meet global — and local — food demand.

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