February 28, 2022

Municipal Election 2022: aaaaaaand they’re off!

CHATBOX is your chance to eavesdrop on Gordon Price and Sandy James Planner as they joust over our region’s features and foibles.

Municipal Election 2022 is less than eight months away, and The City of Vancouver’s got a few strong mayoral contenders – or, maybe not. Gord and Sandy have some thoughts.

Gordon: To see ahead to the 2022 election, look where we are right now.  We’ve got pandemic, insurrection, European war — and that’s just the last two weeks!  By the time we get to October we’re going to be so stressed and discombobulated, all we’ll be wanting is calm and continuity. Yeah, that’ll be the winning ticket.

Sandy: I’m not so sure about that Gordon. We have already seen the Americanization of City Hall. When Vision came into a majority at city hall in 2008 that became the decade of Americanization. That mayor and council fired the existing city manager and brought their own hired guns and senior staff.  Now we are like any other American city, where policy swings happen at each Council. And look at all those private Councillors motions at every Council meeting. There are ten this week. Vancouver in the last decade seems to  lurch from election to election, with the big policy swings happening with each incoming Council. Policy should be  interpreted and made better by each election. Kind of like, successive coups d’etat …

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