February 1, 2022

English Bay Interloper, Barge on the Beach Becomes Must-Have Lego Toy

We’ve written before how the English Bay Barge on the Beach is not washed up at all and how much we loved seeing Vancouver’s Shakespeare Thespian Christopher Gaze,  Vancouver’s true Bard on the Beach with the Barge on the Beach.


We also really liked the New Years Polar Bear Swim with the tandem team taking a dip as the barge.

Kudos to Bob Kronbauer for creating the next best hack, the Barge on the Beach “lego”.

As reported in the Squamish Chief, “Heritage Bricks and Vancouver Is Awesome are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up on a custom Lego kit that celebrates the English Bay Barge! Available now for pre-order, the kit is designed by Alex Saar and includes 85 Genuine Lego parts, as well as a 16-page instruction booklet.”

This truly must have item is actually a lego “workaround” made by reconstructing existing lego kits into…the barge.

In the years to come you can also add in the lego tugs which hopefully will one day assist the barge to a mooring elsewhere.

To get this must-have kit which is truly reflective of the last few months of the pandemic, you can click this link for further details.

Images: DailyHive,CBC,SquamishChief


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