December 28, 2021

Sooo Canadian: The Outrage of the Ploughed Bikepath

I’m grateful to live in a city where, despite all that’s happening around us, we have the luxury of getting excited over this:


So much print space and airtime and outrage over something so inconsequential.

People, if there’s a ploughed space next to where you’re walking, walk on the ploughed space!  Yes, I know it’s a bike route and the social rules say you should stick to your designated sidewalk.  But it’s okay, really; in these circumstances you can set aside your Canadian sense of the proper order of things in the universe.  This time you can do what common sense would tell you to do until, yes, your sidewalk will be attended to and all will be right.

But if you want to play the culture-war card, okay, I get it: It’s an irresistible button to push.  But at least appreciate that you live in a place that has the good fortune to do so.

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  1. It’s much more than a culture war here, Gordon. It’s just one more thing that is an irritant and when they add up – people get angry and vent. COV is caught not doing what they should, and holding others to a higher standard. We’re all being good neighbours here and clearing sidewalks. But COV is not….again.

  2. Are you suggesting by the same virtue if the footpaths are cleared first cyclists (myself included) should ride with the pedestrians? Clearly unacceptable. I ride a 30kg ebike and cannot take the chance of colliding with a pedestrian. There is more at play here. When some enforcement type leaves city hall across an unswept pavement and then fines me they bring the enforcement of regulation into disrepute. IMO this type of contributes to the breakdown of civil society and disrespect for law. BTW I was incensed to be given a jay walking ticket by a cop on a motorbike who saw me jay walking only because he was riding the wrong way up a one way street without his lights on. Hypocrisy just like this. That was about 1980 and it still makes my blood boil.

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