November 22, 2021

Global Civic Policy Society presents Urban Lunch

Thursday, November 25
Noon to 1:00 PM via Zoom

Danny Oleksiuk, cofounder of Abundant Housing Vancouver, and Dale McClanaghan, social and rental housing advocate, will present their ideas on how to make our city better.

Danny Oleksiuk brings great experience having been a member of the City of Vancouver Rental Advisory Committee, a lawyer connected to BCGEU and a freelance writer for numerous publications. Danny has also been a policy analyst for BC’s Ministry of Housing and the United Nations in Beijing.

Dale McClanaghan has been CEO of Vancity Credit Union’s affordable housing effort and has developed market and non market housing. He contributed to the City of Vancouver’s Rental Strategy and consults on housing planning, policy research and program design with local governments and universities.

These Urban Lunches are being held in advance of the upcoming visit of Alain and Marie-Agnès Bertaud next spring.

Register for your Urban Lunch Zoom Link here.

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