From spring to fall, Japanese maples are the best.

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  1. It used to be that we had to look forward to a colder, dryer fall to get the best out of the fall colours, but now I think we are reaping the benefits of a few decades of breeding especially for fall colour. Quite a few years ago I noticed some of the cultivars being newly planted had names like “Scarlet Sentinel” and “Autumn Blaze”. And there are many more. I just looked on the city’s tree database, and these cultivars are to be found in just the downtown:

    Scarlet Sentinel
    Norwegian Sunset
    Autumn Flame
    Autumn Blaze
    Red Sunset
    Scarlet Oak
    Crimson King
    Pacific Sunset
    Brandywine Red
    October Glory
    Autumn Purple
    Autumn Applause

    And this certainly has not been a cooler, dryer fall.

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