October 5, 2021

Free Three Day Conference: Chinatown Reimagined

Vancouver’s Chinatown has displayed remarkable resiliency and is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, as well as the largest continguous Chinatown in North America.


Chinatown Reimagined is a three-day online event with interactive sessions exploring innovative, community-led approaches on key topics including: the significance of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage, creating a thriving cultural heritage economy, sustainable community capacity-building, and long-term stewardship for the future.

Dates of this Event:

October 16, 2021 Launch Event:

October 22-23: Workshop Events.

You can find out more and  register for this three day conference on this link.

Forum and Community Partners

Chinatown Reimagined is developed by the Chinatown Transformation Team of the City of Vancouver in partnership with the University of British Columbia and supported by the Chinatown Legacy Stewardship Group (LSG) and its five working groups. Many community partners contributed to the Forum, including:

Contributing Partners (alphabetically):
The Chinatown Transformation Team (CTT) is a dedicated staff team formed in September 2018 to work with the community and key partners on Chinatown-related work.

CTT, in collaboration with the community, is developing a long-term Cultural Heritage Asset Management Plan (CHAMP) which will propose priority projects, actions, partners, and resources to foster a vibrant Chinatown. It’s also a key component of the overall process towards a possible UNESCO World Heritage Site application for Chinatown.

In 2017, City Council directed staff to establish a Chinatown Legacy Stewardship Group (LSG) comprised of community representatives and stakeholders to oversee and report back on the implementation of work related to revitalizing Chinatown.

Appointed by Council in April 2019, the 35 members of the LSG are tasked with bringing forward a broad range of community perspectives and interests to guide community actions and provide advice to staff on the development of a Cultural Heritage Asset Management Plan (CHAMP) for Chinatown.

The Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies (INSTRCC) at UBC was created to engage and empower students to conduct crucial and ground-breaking community-based research relevant to Chinese Canadian communities. In addition, INSTRCC seeks to gather and share the stories and histories of Chinese Canadians, their families, and their communities so future generations will be aware of the rich and complex stories that make up diverse aspects of Canadian history and identity. To achieve these aims, students are encouraged to use the latest digital technologies to distribute and create informative and engaging materials that anyone can easily access to learn about the importance of Chinese Canadians. 



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  1. I’m glad to see Chinatown Reimagined taking place. I was born and raised in Vancouver; my father was a head tax payer. Our family had so many wonderful memories of Chinatown. It was such a shame of this city to let it be destructed. It was also very confusing for tourist to see the entrance to Chinatown arc and an arc saying the end of Chinatown with nothing between. Stores and restaurants replaced with skateboard and bicycle shops.

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