September 28, 2021

A viewing observatory that competes with the view

Here’s a preview of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, an immersive observatory experience in Midtown Manhattan’s newest skyscraper.

From a review from Inside Hook prior to the October 31st opening:

… the first main attraction is “Air,” a walk-through, multi-sensory art experience created by Kenzo Digital, and “Trandenence 1” serves as its nucleus. It’s a giant, hypnotizing and slightly dizzying room with mirrors on nearly every surface: the ceiling, walls and floor (the reason why dresses and skirts are heavily discouraged.) The only part not besieged by mirrors is the nearly 360-degree view of the city. …

“Transcendence 2” awaits you one floor up. It’s essentially another mirrored space on a balcony looking down on “Transcendence 1.” This, as Kenzo Digital explained to my group, gives guests the opportunity to look down on other visitors encountering the multisensory room for the first time — as they themselves just did moments ago.


Transcendence 1 and 2 are just the first chapter of “Air,” which will include a couple more multisensory rooms that are currently under wraps. …

SUMMIT’s final notable attraction, ASCENT, is not for the faint of heart. It’s a glass-enclosed elevator with a transparent floor suspended on the side of the skyscraper that takes willing participants to the highest viewing point in midtown Manhattan.

So Vancouver, whatca got for us?

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  1. Looks like a modern version of a carnival fun house
    (the kind that appear in thriller murder mysteries or horror movies – cue its appearance in a future Bond or Mission Impossible movie?)

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