September 20, 2021

Selling Sex Survives on Davie Street

From Colin Stein:

During yet another deep dive through historical material, I came across a gem from the minutes of a City of Vancouver Board of Administration meeting on licenses and claims matters, from December 15, 1972.

I presume the active voice is that of Chief License Inspector Milt Harrell. My incidental research suggests Harrell may have served as Mayor Tom Campbell’s primary regulatory enforcer in the late ‘60s, possibly and partially responsible for enforcing civic propriety during Vancouver’s “difficult years”.

Never seen anything like this in a Council report prior to or since.

Just in case the print is too small, here’s the summarizing poem at the bottom:

The Ultra Love Products Emporium

is merely a super sensorium.

It’s unintellectual

and maybe bisexual

but hardly a pornagraphorium.


Half a century later, even in the age of the internet, Ultra Love Products is still open at the same address.  


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