September 20, 2021

Heineken Describes Discussion Brilliantly. Over a Beer.

Kathryn Regan posted on social media this pre-pandemic commercial short from Heineken that takes a different approach to selling a product: by creating a table of understanding and listening so that others with completely different views can be heard.

Using research and participating with Chris Brauer, director of innovation at Goldsmith University of London and an expert in human behaviour, Heineken set up a series of tasks for participants to explore how to create safe space and common ground among people with differing views.

The work and messaging centred around  “tolerance, empathy, creating mutual goals and shared identities”. Once these are established, people are more accepting of differences.

The key of course is listening to understand, not necessarily agree. But on the day of the Federal elections, it’s worth listening to the main message in this video. When participants discover the person they have been teamed with has opposite views to theirs on big issues they are told  “You can go or you may discuss your differences over a beer”.

You may be surprised at what these participants do.


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