September 17, 2021

The best places in the world to work from home

Here’s a list (found on a list of the 24 underrated web sites) that has been compiled by Nomadlist of the best places to live for digital nomads.

It’s a list in which Vancouver is not in the top ten (we’re 64th).  Here’s how we rate:


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  1. Wow, comparing #63 and #64 Vancouver on their list is SO telling! Chicago is “more fun,” “more safe,” and “more expensive” than Vancouver?!? All three couldn’t be further from the truth, aside from the “more bars and drunk Midwesterners in Chicago” part. 🙂 Vancouver is clearly way, WAY more fun to me than Chicago is! Sure, Chicago is a phenomenal city to visit and experience for a week. But then you’re left with Illinois flatland for hundreds of miles…

    And Austin is more expensive than London?!?!? OMG… This list has ZERO credibility. 🙂