August 24, 2021

Call for Papers: Reimagining Public Spaces & Built Environments in Post-Pandemic World

The University of Alberta is hosting a Symposium on  December 10th and 11th, 2021. There is a call for papers with a September 20, 2021 deadline. You can find out more information about this symposium here.

Don’t Let Another Crisis Go to Waste – Cities are shaped by the aftermath of various crises. History of the pandemic shows how urban life and the built environment have been rehabilitated as a result of crisis/disasters and cure/ prevention measures from chronic diseases. In reverberation, we saw reimagining public spaces and built environments by embracing new socio-spatial concepts, design, policies, and practices.

The primary objective of this conference is to analysis the ongoing (post) pandemic crisis, spatial settings, and everyday users’ experience, and lessons learned for designing, building, and managing public space and the built environment. The second overarching objective is to contribute to the discourse of public space and built environment in generating knowledge that responds to emerging questions about post-pandemic future considerations, policies, and practices.

We invite authors across the world and from a wide range of disciplines, to submit research articles that may include, but are not restricted / limited to the following topics

1. Public Space and Urban Built Environment

2. Tactical Urbanism and Temporality

3. Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence

4. Designing Built Environments and Hybrid Remote Space

5. (In)formal Public Space

6. Engaging Community and Participation

7. Connection with Nature for Mental Health and Wellness

8. Future of Post Pandemic Public Space and Disaster Preparedness

You can download the complete call for proposals here.

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