July 20, 2021

Free Webinar with Gil Penalosa & Mitchell Silver: Parks, People & Cities

Via Ann McAfee, here’s an excellent opportunity to hear from two people that are passionate about parks in Gil Penalosa’s new “A Walk in the Park” series.

Gil Penalosa is the founder of 8 80 Cities and is World Urban Parks Ambassador. He will be talking with Mitchell Silver, who was New York City’s Parks Commissioner from 2014 to 2021, and is the past President of the American Planners Association.

A Walk in the Park with Gil is a free, bi-weekly 45 minute Webinar series. Gil will invite knowledgeable guests, who will present fascinating stories and successful cases of urban parks (15 min), followed by a provocative and inspiring dialogue with Gil (15 min) and a Q&A session (15 min).

This Webinar Series is a partnership of 8 80 Cities and World Urban Parks, both renowned organizations for work related to urban parks and their uses. It will provide compelling and useful information about park management and programming, park systems and strategies to create more accessible and equitable urban parks. 


Date: Tuesday July 27th, 2021

Time: 8:00 to 8:45 am, Pacific Time.

You can register by clicking this link.


Mr. Silver is a  thoughtful and evocative city planner well worth hearing.  I am including a YouTube video of Mr. Silver talking about the future of Parks and Public Spaces below.


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