June 21, 2021

The Flowers that Bloomed in the Spring

Some new flowers have finally blossomed after a long time coming.  Like the lotus off Great Northern Way on the Emily Carr plaza:

Now the home of Nemesis Coffee, it took three years of City process to get its doors open.  (Perhaps that it had no installed plumbing when it was built had something to do with it.)

The Perkins&Will design extravagantly plays with attention-getting colour and form (so not Vancouver), but I thought its location, especially at a time when Emily Carr was closed, would limit its patronage.  I was so wrong.

Do you see the line-up on the right? This Saturday morning, it wraps all around the building to get into the door on the centre left.  That’s the power of Instragram, folks.  And good coffee.


Here are more flowers that have just blossomed on the southern plaza of the Bentall Centre, currently wrapped in pink flowers from the florists of Vancouver for Breast Cancer Awareness:


Flowers wrapping flowers, I’d like to think, but apparently the white structures are parasols – part of the redesign by Hudson Pacific to update the iconic Bentall Centre.  (I know, ‘iconic’ is an overused word for anything eye-catching that’s managed to survive relentless change, but, as we’ll see in a future post, the Bentall deserves the term.)

The parasols look even better at night, albeit flower-less:



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  1. This is exactly what the city needs more of. Regarding the Parasols at Bentall, would be nice to have a pop-up bar under them at night served by the Tacofino Oasis next door.