June 14, 2021

Poll: Will City Council approve residential parking fees?

I’m posting this at 12:30 on Monday.  Half an hour ago The Daily Hive just posted this:

The City of Vancouver is proposing a starting base fee of $45 per year for a new mandatory permit parking scheme for all residential streets in the city.  This permit would be required for residents who park their street overnight between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. It can be purchased online or in person.

Within that half hour, 1,700 people answered the poll question: “Do you support mandatory parking permits for all residential streets in the City of Vancouver?”

Here are the results so far:

It’s up there with “Do you support ducking, piglet, and lambkin abuse?”

So what do you think – not whether you support or oppose parking permits, but DO YOU THINK CITY COUNCIL WILL PASS THIS RECOMMENDATION?

We especially welcome comment from councillors and aspiring mayoral candidates.



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  1. It is a good question. We know how the NPA and former NPA will vote, but it is a toss up for some of the others.

    We have to stop looking at street parking as a free or almost free resource. It is another tragedy of the commons, as we basically give away this valuable and expensive resource.

  2. As street parking (‘free’ w/registration, not talking about permit-restricted areas) became more and more restricted here in some Montreal neighborhoods (due to spaces used for bixi (share-bike) stations, expanded/greened street corners, enforcing of the 2M on no parking at corners for visibility/safety, as well as some streets losing parking to create wider bike lanes), we sadly saw nicely greened backyards and alleys turning into more car storage, often using asphalt instead of more open/eco-minded options. Some folks are so attached to having their private car. It has been sad to see this loss of hard-earned, appreciated greenery.

  3. We have lived in a neighborhood with residential parking fees for over twenty years due to its proximity to the beach. Most of our neighbours have garages they use for storage or they prefer the convenience of parking on the street. Paying for parking is always contentious for some. It is a small fee. If we are are going to address the climate emergency everyone needs to reflect on their relationship with automobiles, their storage and the role of transportation in their lives. I would hope the money collected goes directly into improving walking infrastructure first, then, cycling infrastructure instead of general revenues. If people can see the direct benefit to their neighborhood it may assist in making a change like this more palatable.

  4. I would love to have parking permits in my Kits neighbourhood, a favourite with ubiquitous Air BNB’s. For a measly $45. , I could have the ability to find parking at the end of the day and in close proximity to my home. And of course, this stupidly worded question would have to come at the beginning of a long re-election season…..

  5. You missed the other part – the VEHICLE LEVY.

    $500 per year for 2023 or newer gas/diesel vehicls
    $1000 per year for 2023 or newer gas/diesel luxuryvcars/SUVs/trucks

    That fee would be charged to all cars of resients in the city – not just those who park on the street.

  6. This is badly designed social engineering / revenue scam, disguised as “environmental policy”…

    So, my stinky old, but very reliable, 12mpg, ’94 Grand Cherokee would get base $45/yr permit, but buying a new, cleaner, 2023 replacement would cost me $500-1000/yr. Heck, a newer vehicle could happily run off the non-combused gas in my exhaust fumes and not need to find a non-existent downtown gas station!

    Anyone buying a luxury sports car or large SUV would never pay “$1,000 per year to get a residential parking permit” ‘cos they’d never choose to park it overnight on the street! They have underground parking or multi-car garages attached to the SFH. btw, my Cherokee was stolen off the street, so was my Golf.

    It’s not like another $1K is gonna sway their mind after the purchase price, luxury vehicle tax, insurance, road tax, etc.

    At least all those annoying trees that drip sap all over the cars will be gone!

    Gov’ts will discover new in about 8-10 years they will have a massive lost revenue stream they need to make up due to lost fuel taxes and decide the “fair thing to do” is apply the levy to all 4-wheel vehicles.

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