June 1, 2021

Excellence and Embarrassment on Burrard Inlet

The World Landscape Architecture Awards just announced the winners from over 400 international entries.  Here’s the best in the ‘Built – Small’ category:

Award of Excellence
Foot of Lonsdale – Hapa Collaborative


That’s just one new public space in the ‘LoLo’ (Lower Lonsdale ) district that has transformed a once-decaying industrial area in a matter of years, with more to come.

By contrast, immediately across the water, connected by SeaBus, there’s this:

Charles Dobson’s facetious postcard captures the dump of an entrance to downtown Vancouver.  The absence of an overall vision, much less a plan, is really an embarrassment when compared to our neighbour across the water.  But the many different interests (right) who own the land or have jurisdiction over it seem content to live with.

Maybe the leaders in the City of North Vancouver should sail across the inlet and inform the leaders in the City of Vancouver how they managed to turn an embarrassment into an example of great urbanism.



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  1. Indeed a lost opportunity in a primo location.

    Why not build condos around or in ports? Many folks love to see ships go in and out. It can be BOTH an industrial harbour AND a residential area.

    Ditto in Delta with BC Ferries and DeltaPort or along Fraser River !

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