May 25, 2021

Meet us at Viewpoint Vancouver

Viewpoint Vancouver has the news and views you want, with an eye to our region’s future.

Please help make Viewpoint the go-to source for our region’s influencers and change-makers.  

Viewpoint talks about urbanism — how we build, move, and live in cities. We serve up insight — from trusted voices and up-and-coming players. We chart our region’s evolution — through the lens of history to the challenges of the present, with a view to the future. We’re looking ahead to the 2022 civic elections, which are already a hot topic. If we play our cards right this region can become a model for the post-pandemic world.

This transition from Price Tags to Viewpoint Vancouver demands new skills, new voices, and new technology. We want to produce more podcasts and up our game. Please help us to make your voice heard.

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Viewpoint Vancouver is a labour of love, created by the people who truly believe in this place. We look forward to working with you to re-imagine our world. Thank you, so much, for your ongoing support.

–Gordon Price, Sandy James Planner, and the VWPT crew

*For more of the Price Tags ––> VWPT backstory, see Goodbye Price Tags…Hello Viewpoint.


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If you love this region and have a view to its future please subscribe, donate, or become a Patron.

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