May 13, 2021

The Optimistic State of Downtown Vancouver

The Downtown BIA presents their State of Downtown report this year via video:

It’s been particularly rough for Downtown in almost all categories because of the combined effects of a loss in office workers, resident shoppers, restaurant and arts patrons, tourists and event-goers of all kinds.  And yet the representatives of those markets are pretty optimistic, and expect that post-pandemic downtown will be a lot like the pre-pandemic.  (Where changes occur will likely be invisible to most – for instance, inside those office buildings, on transit, and how we communicate.)

A special shout-out and thanks to CEO of the BIA, Charles Gauthier.  Charles is retiring this year, after an indispensable career not just in leading the organization but in his outreach, understanding and negotiation with so many different constituencies that make up the complex core we call Downtown Vancouver.  The City is a better place because of him.

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