April 29, 2021

STAR AWARD to “Central Perk” Set on Vancouver’s Marine Drive

If you are on Southwest Marine Drive near Balaclava, you may have seen Anne Bruinn  doing wonderful things to transform space and also give a giggle to anyone passing by in a bike lane,  on transit, or a vehicle.

Ms. Bruinn scoured Craigslist and looked to recreate the Central Perk studio set from the television show Friends.

As written by Lasia Kretzel and Monika Gul for News 1130 there’s an outside living room set up on the boulevard, and of course there is the “Central Perk” coffee sign.

And she’s invited other people to come and sit down on the replica couches from that famous show, realizing that with pandemic restrictions people are not going into other people’s houses. Ms. Bruinn wins the coveted Price Tags STAR Award for “Seeing Trouble and Responding”.

“Friends gives me good feelings, and I wanted a set that made people happy, and makes you smile.And as long as I’m out there, I’m available. So just come at your convenience, stop in have a coffee. Need anything, I’m here. lf you would just went for a jog down by the river and you’re dying of thirst here I’ve got a bubbly for you. Or, have a seat and have a chat or whatever you need.”

Ms. Bruinn is a published author and writes in a popular blog called “Contests”.

She has been performing on the boulevard for a while, dressing as American Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders with the famous crossed mittens and as a dinosaur.

At Hallowe’en she turned her daily wait for her daughter to walk home from school to an adventure, dressed as a ghoul. Once her daughter was in the house, she would continue to stand on the road saying “I am really good at standing still“, and commenting on the fact that if her presence makes a change in someone else’s day, it was the right thing to do.


“Just something for them to look at, maybe make them smile. People who knew that I was real would honk and wave. It was so lovely just to connect distantly with people,” she said, adding everyone seems to have enjoyed the displays. “It’s been absolutely wonderful.”

Kudos to Ms.Bruinn. Her “Friends” living room will be available for a visit through to September. You can see a gr YouTube video with Ms. Bruinn and her project below, prepared by Kier Junos of  CityTV.


Images: citynews1130.com&Screenrant

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