April 19, 2021

Jobs Jar: Positions Available on National Technical Committees on Accessibility

The Government of Canada has openings for their Technical Committees on Accessibility.

Help create standards for the built environment! You have until Thursday April 23, 2021 to apply.

The role of the technical committee is to:

Identify barriers to accessibility in the built environment
Take into account emerging trends in the area of accessibility of the built environment
Develop a model standard for the built environment – accessibility that will reflect language consistent with the national model building code. This standard will apply best practices in accessibility of the built environment.
Areas of focus
There are common areas where persons with disabilities may face barriers related to the built environment. These include, but are not limited to:

building entrances;
paths of travel;
access to storeys;
parking and loading zones;
power door operators;
assistive listening devices;
washrooms and universal washrooms (including showers).

Experts with disabilities are key to the successful development of accessibility standards. Experts with disabilities, as well as other experts, would fit into one of the stakeholder categories noted below.

Eight different  technical committee will have 12 to 18 members each. Please click here to find more information about this opportunity.


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