April 14, 2021

Pandemic Change: Global Recovery and Demand in Driving, Walking and Transit

Cubic, the company that provides TransLink with Compass technology, collects data on how mobility is changing in cities around the world, including Vancouver.

As cities are starting to re-open, road congestion is growing while transit continues to lag, signaling that congestion may become more severe than pre-pandemic levels.

Here’s the one for April:

Lots of room for interpretation here. (What’s up with Singapore?)  Clearly there’s a big difference in Motordom cities like Miami and transit-dependent ones like London.  Vancouver, as expected, falls in the mid-range of change – except when it comes to walking.  Guesses?

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  1. “Congestion” is not a problem and never has been. The only problem is when governments destroy neighbourhoods – piecemeal or all at once – to “fix” it. Drivers will hit the same saturation point they did before the pandemic and will only tolerate so much slow traffic before choosing some other time or means of traveling. The challenge for government is to do nothing when entitled motorists, who have all made the choice to drive, complain they’re not going as fast as they’d like.

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