April 13, 2021

The Battery Revolution in Our Times

When technology and economy come together, that’s usually called a revolution.

You can get one of these electric scooters for a few hundred bucks at Canadian Tire:


Joe Sulmona says you may soon be able to get one of these if you need  more carrying capacity.

Bigger battery too.  From Euractiv:

Advances in technology mean that battery-powered heavy trucks can go up against their fossil-fuel counterparts on price and – with better charging infrastructure – on range, according to the study, conducted by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), an independent research institute.

“A tipping point is in sight for electric trucks,” said Björn Nykvist, lead author and senior researcher at SEI. “Battery technology is very close to a threshold that makes electric trucks feasible and economically competitive. All that is missing is one companion component: fast charging.”

If you’d like to know more the evolution of one-person electric transportation and its impact on urban transit as a whole,  here’s a more definitive piece from Boundmotor:

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  1. Of the many types of electric micromobility devices I see, e-unicycles seem to be the most popular now after ebikes. eScooters are also regularly seen. As prices drop and sharing services develop, it might significantly reduce the demand for public transit and private vehicles especially for shorter commutes of under 5 km.

  2. When you combine these e devices, which can go 30 km/h without breaking a sweat, with a dedicated bike lane, you have a very cheap rapid transit system. Door to door times would easily beat transit, and compete with cars in certain situations. Because of this, I would be on board with even higher grade bike lanes that are even more traffic separated.

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