March 29, 2021

Make Space Campaign: Safe passing distance for cyclists

Peter Ladner, a board member of the B.C. Cycling Coalition, writes:

We need your support for our Safe Passing Distance campaign, requiring cars in B.C. to stay at least 1.5 metres away from cyclists (including e-bikes), scooters and pedestrians. This is part of a multi-year campaign for changes to the Motor Vehicle Act. *


Safety for cyclists is more pressing than ever with the COVID-induced surge in cycling of all kinds by people of all ages and abilities. Yet in BC, four times every day, a person on a bike will be injured from being hit by a car. Every year, eight people die. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Stronger road safety laws can reduce that risk.


*A generous donor has just stepped up to match any donation over $100 or any monthly donation over $10/month for one year. Donate now and double your impact. Donations must be received by midnight April 6 for the doubling match. 


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  1. These proposals to modernize the MVA should be supported by everyone. BC is behind many other places in Canada and the world. We need a fast implementation if we we are serious about #climatechange and VISION ZERO. PLEASE BC Government help us.

  2. Only if bicycles stay off any arterials. Who wants a line of traffic stuck behind a bus, stuck behind a cyclist poking their way up a hill?

    1. The vast majority of cyclists prefer to use quieter streets, but sometimes arterials are the only viable option or our destination is on the arterial. Arterials are almost always multi-lane streets, so there is lots of opportunity for passing. Drivers should already be giving cyclists a wide berth when passing, so the only difference is that it needs to be put in the law to make it more enforceable.