March 11, 2021

Don’t let NPA Park Commissioners hear about this

From Canadian Cycling Magazine:

Marcel Steeman, a regional councillor in the Netherlands, is the voice behind hundreds of people advocating for more bike friendly cities—in the Lego world.

According to The Verge, while playing with Lego with his children he realized that the toy’s city designs were extremely car-centric, with tiny sidewalks and no bike lanes. The designs particularly stood out to him as they didn’t resemble the reality of bike-friendly Dutch streets (or the Danish streets of Lego’s home country for that matter). …

He submitted a new Lego Ideas Project. “It’s time to add to the next step in mobility,” he says.”Bike lanes that are wide enough to be safe to ride on and wide enough for a cargo bike. Built on the same template as the new Road Plates, so they can be easily combined to make Lego City a bike friendly city.”

The new design also includes bike racks, a bike with a child-seat, a bike with a crate on the front and a bike with bikepacking bags. The lanes are “wide enough for two-way traffic, to safely make room for all the bikes your Lego can build.

Full story here.


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