In the post below – Colour in Our Social Housing – Daily Scot found examples of good modest design in non-market housing that uses more than just splashes of colour.

Other examples are coming in – and not all in the social housing category.  So why not an addition for additions.

Send in yours, we’ll add them here.

From Gerry Stafford: 947 East Hastings:


From Michael Mortensen: Burrard and Davie:


Scot adds another social-housing project in Downtown South at Helmcken and Richards:


Guest writes a comment in the previous post:

 A few recent towers have managed to include darker glass (i.e. Grosvenor Pacific, 8X on the Park, The Smithe), but other lighter coloured elements in the design seem to muddle them (i.e. at The Smithe).

For the Charleson (which has the massive mural at Richards & Pacific), I’ll bet that raised a bunch of eyebrows among purchasers since it was never revealed in the marketing materials.

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  1. I think the answer to the question: “Why do we have to rely on our social housing developments to provide the colour on our highrise buildings?” is a phenomenon called “Cheap and Cheerful”. Masking low cost materials with bright colours. It’s found in all sorts of household goods as well. Though in the case of social housing, I’m happy the trend exists, we do need some more colour in this climate. I just wish that it would trend over into more high quality materials as well.