March 2, 2021

Photographic Genius Stanley Woodvine Straightens Vancouver House Curve

Graphic artist and writer Stanley Woodvine has a good eye for design and form and he has achieved what so many has wished for: he has “righted”  Bjarke Ingel’s Vancouver House. Not once, but twice.

As Mr. Woodvine writes on his twitter account at @sqwabb  

“seen from Fairview, the scoop out of the lower East side of Vancouver House tower condo has been filled by a perfectly rectilinear tower newly positioned behind it”.

Using his camera at Alder and 11th Avenue, Mr. Woodvine completes the work in the photo below stating:

“the upside down tapered Vancouver House and the tower that now has its back looks much like one complete building”.

Thank you to Stanley Woodvine for fixing it.

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  1. On another note – does anyone know the history of the abandoned car repair garage immediately adjacent to the south which visually overpowers the entries (both pedestrian and parking) to the building – i’ll bet it drives Westbank crazy!

  2. That same view was posted by McMinsen on some time ago, with Grosvenor Pacific filling the recess.

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