February 24, 2021

Paying for Online Bike/Walk/Place Conference ? Come to an Online Global Walk/Public Space Conference Absolutely Free

The Walk Bike Places Conference is setting up to be a virtual conference again this year and the dates for it are June 15 to June 18. You can see the information about that conference here.

Last year the conference had a pretty hefty price tag that was beyond the reach of many people in the first few months of the pandemic. One of the architectural and walking critics in California dreamed up a whole bunch of the dialogue she imagined that would be discussed in each session based upon the name of the session, and of course the presenter. She shared that prose on her twitter account.  It kept the Twitterverse in stitches.

If anything can be said that is positive about this pandemic, there has been a great opportunity to participate in many free webinars and groups from across the globe. One of the best transportation conferences I have attended either in person or virtually was a two day online event provided by the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). It had a litany of fine transportation thinkers and sessions from across the continent. And it was absolutely free.

The Walk Bike Places Conference is not free, and early registration for this event is 290 dollars  US which ends on March 19. That is 365 dollars Canadian, which is out of reach for many that are not having conference fees paid for by an employer.

But not to fret~why go to a National conference that costs over three Big Bills when you can go to an Global one for free?

Walk 21 is hosting their annual conference from Seoul Korea this year under the auspices of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. There are papers that have been submitted by speakers from all over the world, keynote presenters, and virtual events you will be able to attend online. The conference runs from May 26 to May 28 and it is Absolutely Free.

This is part of an international conference series that has literally been around the world in the last two decades, and was in Vancouver ten years ago. I had the honour of being the Conference Chair.

At the Walk Metro Vancouver conference, Gordon Price did a plenary talk on The Little Metropolitan Area that Could. You can find that video here on the Walk Metro Vancouver Society website. This non-profit society  promotes safe, comfortable and convenient walking across the region and is a conference legacy.

You can take a look at the Walk21 Seoul Conference page here and you can register for this free conference on the same page. We will be updating the information as registration is opened.

See you in Seoul.

With NACTO’s Fabrizio Prati &  AURI’s  Dr. Sunghoon Oh, Seafood Market, Seoul

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