January 6, 2021

The Slip & Slide on the Seaside Greenway~The Moss Edition

If you have been walking on the Seaside Greenway on the southside of False Creek, you may have noticed that it is a bit of a slime fest  and hard to walk on for several sections. In 2015 the City had a summer drought and cut back on the use of things like pressure washers, according to this CBC story. 

But the story also said that pressure washing could continue for health and safety purposes, and there is no drought now.

What happens when it is a city owned greenway where hundreds of people walk? I had heard that the city was no longer using pressure washers for regular maintenance, but could not find any report or reference to that change of practice on the City’s website. Perhaps PriceTags readers would know.

I did find an article from a private company that does pressure washing of sidewalks for Vancouver businesses. They  assure readers that “though the sidewalk is wet from the Vancouver’s notorious rain showers. In reality, those rains have mixed with fallen leaves and stained the concrete sidewalks. The tannins in the leaves create a brown/red colour that can’t be easily removed with our standard pressure washing techniques.”

But what about when it is slippy moss on the Seaside Greenway? Who takes care of that? And how?


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