December 21, 2020

Santa Claus Webinar~History of The Most Legendary New Yorker~


Did you know the concept of Santa was really something that was designed and developed in New York City in the early 1800’s? Did you know that the date for Christmas was moved, that it originally was planned to be in early December?

New York City Tour Guide Jared Goldstein describes the history, politics and place of how Santa became Santa. This is a fundraiser for the New York Adventure Club which offers historic and cultural tours on the city. Jared

‘Twas a cold, winter eve on December 6th, 1810, when a group of New York City’s business and cultural leaders — including a young Washington Irving and Clement Clark Moore, and New York Historical Society founder John Pintard — gathered to celebrate the birthday of 4th century Christian bishop and miracle worker St. Nicholas. While a toast was in order, the meeting had another goal: to create a symbol of peace in a New York City rocked by social unrest around Christmas time. A consensus was reached and St. Nicholas’ Dutch name, SinterKlaas, was adapted to the American-sounding one of Santa Claus. This is the true, magical story of the world’s most legendary New Yorker.

Join our special guest hosts as we journey back in time to uncover the origins of Santa Claus, who became a symbol of generosity, joy, peace, prosperity, patriotism, and politics since his modern adaptation took New York City by storm over 200 years ago.
Led by NYC tour guide Jared Goldstein, our exploration of the untold story of Santa Claus and his New York roots will include:
~The evolution of Santa Claus into the one we know and love today, and why New York can take most of the credit
~The darker side of Christmas in New York, including the Christmas Riot of 1806, and how Santa domesticated the holiday
~Santa’s adoption in political, social, and commercial campaigns, from Union Propaganda during the Civil War, to gracing stamps used to raise money for charity, to being the official Coca-Cola holiday mascot
~A virtual trip to the Clement Clark Moore residence in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood to unwrap some Christmas surprises, including where ‘A Visit From St Nicholas’ was rumored to be penned, and why Santa’s big day moved from December 6th to the 24th
~ Little known NYC connections with Santa, such as how Macy’s supports Santa, a famous newspaper editorial titled “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus,” and how the creator of Uncle Sam helped changed the image of Santa Claus to a man from originally an elf

Afterward, we’ll have a Q&A with Jared — any and all questions about Santa Claus are welcomed and encouraged!

Date: Tuesday December 22, 2020

Time: 2:30-4:00 Pacific Time

Cost: This is a fundraiser, and it’s $10.00 U.S.

You can register at this link.



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