November 24, 2020

Jobs Jar! Project Researcher for the Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Vancouver Heritage Foundation promotes the appreciation and conservation of our city’s historic places for current and future generations. VHF does this by creating opportunities and resources to learn about Vancouver’s history and heritage places, and providing practical support for the successful conservation of historic buildings and sites.

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation is located in a heritage building in Vancouver’s downtown core. We are a small but passionate team dedicated to supporting Vancouver’s heritage places and their conservation.

They have a position available for a Project Researcher in their library, either for a student or graduate.

Vancouver Heritage Foundation (VHF) is seeking a student or graduate intern (paid) to join our staff team as a Project Researcher for 8 weeks starting on January 4th 2021. The role is 15 – 30 hours per week with a wage of $16/hr, based in our downtown Vancouver office. Due to the current public health situation, the role is likely to be a combination of office-based and remote working. Hours can be flexible to fit around class schedules.

VHF is seeking a post-secondary student or graduate in Library Studies or a related field with a strong interest in local history and heritage conservation to join our team for 8 weeks. You will help shape plans for the future of the VHF Library including content, physical and digital access, cataloguing and acquisitions. The role offers an opportunity to contribute to enhancing VHF’s collection of books, periodicals and other materials to be a unique and valuable resource.

You can find information about the VHF Library and Reading Room by clicking this link.

For a full  list of the skills and experience needed for this position, please click on this link.

Applications close December 7th at midnight.

Image: VancouverHeritageFoundation



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