November 23, 2020

Free Webinar~Federation of Canadian Muncipalities~Measuring Climate Action Progress

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Partners for Climate Protection program will be hosting a free webinar on the importance of measuring and monitoring your community’s climate action progress.

Hear expert advice from Michael Hay, Town of Banff’s Environment and Sustainability Manager on how to monitor, measure, and report your municipal climate action progress.

We’ll talk about:

Tracking the results of specific emissions reduction measures
Updating greenhouse gas emission inventories
Documenting progress and engaging stakeholder
How the Town of Banff monitors, measures, and reports on their climate action progress

This webinar is intended for municipalities in the Partners for Climate Protection program, working on Milestone 5. However, any interested municipalities or individuals are welcome to join.

Michael Hay’s Biography
As Manager, Environment and Sustainability, Michael leads the Town of Banff’s work in the implementation of their Environmental Master Plan, a comprehensive and courageous roadmap to a sustainable future for both the residents and visitors of Banff, and the ecosystems in which they live and interact.

Municipal Climate Change Action Centre
The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre was founded in 2009 as a collaborative initiative of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta. We deliver funding, technical assistance, and education to help Alberta municipalities, school authorities and community related organizations advance actions that lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve climate resilience.

Learn more at

Date: Wednesday November 24, 2020

Time: 1:00 to 2:00 pm. Pacific Time.

To register click on this link.

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