October 5, 2020

Covid Pandemic~Cruise Ships Being Docked & Destroyed


Cruise ships have a life of thirty years before they need to be revamped.

But in Liaga Turkey which is just north of Izmir on the Turkish coast there has been a surprising increase in cruise ships being beached here to be wrecked.  One of the cruise ships being scrapped is the former Sovereign of the Seas, the first mega cruise ship launched in 1988 with 2,278 passengers.

Other ships being wrecked include the MS Monarch, Carnival Fantasy and the Carnival Inspiration.

In March 2020 American authorities issued a no-sail order for all cruise ships that remains in place.”  Cruise ships were one of the first places that the Covid pandemic appeared.

Where  previously the wrecking yards at Aliaga focused upon freighter ships, cruise ships have become a major part of the dismantling operation. It takes 2,500 workers six months to take apart a passenger ship, with ship’s furnishing recycled to hotel operators.

The volume of dismantled steel has almost doubled to 1.2 million tons since January.

The cruise industry generates about 200 billion dollars in global economic activity and provides one million jobs.

This YouTube video below by Chris Frame describes the scrapping process and how some of the items from ships, including full panelled dining rooms are reused ashore.


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  1. The ban on cruise ships has been one of the few positive outcomes of the pandemic. It needs to continue, for the sake of the oceans, local cultures and, now, to reduce the spread of disease.

  2. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    Loads is recycled.

    Many lost jobs, both here in Vancouver as well as in countries supplying the 100s of 1000s of employees (Philippines, Indonesia mainly but also E-Europe). A REAL TRAGEDY for 100s of thousands of people !

    btw: many ships offer e-bike tours, hiking, cultural sightseeing or lectures on history, art or current afraid of a port city or region. A great way to see the world for those not so mobile anymore, or for family gatherings, or just a vacation.

    Those poopooing it likely have never experienced it or are privileged enough they can’t appreciate what $2500/month wired to Indonesia does to a family of 3-6.

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